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The Intelligence Training Center (ITC) was developed for the purpose of teaching real world skills in the fields of intelligence, investigations, protection, security, cyber, law enforcement, threat assessment, and more to current practitioners and those interested in pursuing careers in these sectors. What ITC teaches and trains cannot be found in any degree program. What you will learn are real skills that will open the door to real employment opportunities upon completion of the program. 

In each of our courses, you will learn and then apply those principles immediately.  In our 10 Week Program you will be completely immersed with your fellow students and will learn from professionals in the field.  We encourage each person interested to talk to an ITC Admissions Advisor about the program before applying. 

Please contact for Questions on upcoming training and admission to programs:

Jennifer Loy

Director of Admissions & Training

Intelligence Training Center (ITC)


Phone: 202-681-8344  

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