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  • Who are your instructors? How do I find out more about them?
    Our instructors actively work in the fields they teach, so for their security we do not list them on our website. Please contact us and we will tell you more about our ITC Instructors. They are the best in their fields.
  • Where will the 10 Week Intensive Intelligence Training Progarm be held?
    The 10 Week Intensive Intelligence Training Progarm will be held in the Washington, DC area. Once accepted, you will recieve details on the exact location.
  • What is the application deadline?
    Monday, April 29, 2019
  • What do I need to apply?
    After you talk to an ITC Admissions Advisor you will be sent an application. You will also need to send a: - Resume - Cover Letter - Completion of Writing Prompt (will be provided) - Two (2) Letters of Recommendation - Application Fee ($70)
  • How long after application can I expect to hear if I'm accepted?
    Applicants who have been accepted will be notified within one week after the application period has closed. Highly competitive applicants may be accepted earlier.
  • How do I pay the application fee?
    We will send you a link along with your application to pay the application fee.
  • What is the ideal candidate for the Intelligence Training Center 10 Week Program?
    There is no one type of candidate in terms of background, experience, education, training, and we take a look at each individual based on the whole person concept. We are looking for serious students who are passionate about being in intelligence, investigation, security, and risk careers whether they are in the government, private sector or the non-governmental sectors. Passion, purpose, seriousness, and a sense of mission when it comes to protecting others is what we look for in each candidate.
  • Is there a Degree or Grade Point Average (GPA) requirement?
    No, you do not need an associates, bachelors, or masters degree. There is also no GPA requirement. You can be a current college/university student, veteran from the military, a professional seeking a career change, or current professional in the field looking for additional skills. We look at the whole person when we look for candidates. This means we consider everything you have done and what you bring to the program to determine if you will succeed. With the "Whole Person Concept", your skills, experiences, education and training, and qualifications will all play a role in the admissions decision. This may include volunteer work, travels, studies, and your passion for the work of intelligence, investigations, security, and risk. When you submit your application package make sure we see everything.
  • How competitive is the program? What are my chances of getting accepted?
    The admissions process to the Intelligence Training Center's 10 Week Progam is very competitive. We are looking for the right people for the program. This includes the right combination of skills and abilities that will allow a person to succeed in the program and be able to go into a career doing the work of intelligence, investigations, security, risk, and threat analysis after 10 weeks of training. Becuase our class size is fixed, we are very selective. We encourage every applicant to submit a quality application package. Our admissions committee will review applications as they come in and will make decisions about candidates before the deadline.
  • What happens after I apply?
    After you apply, the ITC Admissions Committee will review your application and will schedule a candidate interview. Your application and interview will then be evaluated to determine if you are right for the program. A decision on your acceptance will then be sent to you via email. If you are accepted, all the program details, coursework, payment information, and more will be sent to you in preparation for you beginning the program in June 2019.
  • I want to speak to someone about the program. Is that possible?
    Of course. We want to answer all of your questions. Please contact: Jennifer Loy Director of Admissions & Training Intelligence Training Center (ITC) Email: Phone: 202-681-8344 Ms. Loy will set up an appointment with you to answer all of your questions. She can also set you up with additional staff members to talk to in order to answer any specific questions about the training, courses, certifications and more. ​
  • Can I get academic credit for my internship while in the program?
    Yes, if you are a student at a college/university then we can work with you and your school and ensure that you meet the requirements to get credit. Some of the courses that you will be taking will also give you credits that you may be able to transfer to your college/univeristy.
  • Where will I live in the DC Area?
    Once you are accepted we will provide you information about your residence for the 10 Week Intensive Intelligence Training Program. You will be living a nice dormitory environment with your classmates who are part of the program. The residence will have all of the accomodations you need: - Bed - Washer / Dryer - Internet / WiFi - Shared Kitchen - Shared Bathrooms You will need to bring: - Your clothes (Of course!) - Towels / Wash clothes - Comforter / Sheets for your bed - Laptop
  • Can I find my own place to live during the program?
    No. This is not a 9 - 5 PM training program or internship. You will be working with your classmates to form teams where you will be on real world assignments that will go well into the evening and night. Classes will also be in the evening. We want you to be in a operational and team environment and with everyone in the same location so you can build a bond and esprit de corps. It is important that you understand the value and important of teamwork because this is what this work of intelligence, investigations, security, risk, and threat analyis is on a constant basis.
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