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Training Overview


Our courses are focused on real world threats and issues you will face in the intelligence and security communities. Whether it is intelligence collection and analysis, investigations, threat assessment, cyber intelligence, security management and more, you will learn the skills needed to detect, deter, and defeat threats impacting those you are in charge of protecting. Whether its individuals, facilities, critical infrastructure, intellectual property, intelligence, or other national and homeland security interests you will be able to protect them.

You will be prepared to enhance your analytical and operational skills in both individual and team situations. Those who are selected will be living and working with a tight knit group of experienced intelligence analysts, investigators, and operators for 10 weeks, learning not only the theory of investigations, analysis, collection, and operations but the real life application of what you learn. You will be gaining skills and experience that will not just get you a piece of paper, but will get you into the career you want. The program includes the following and more:

Finger on the Map



OSINT, HUMINT, GEOINT, CRIMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT, ELINT, TECHINT, CI, Tactical & Operational Intelligence, Protective Intelligence, Strategic Intelligence, Structured Analytic Techniques



Operations Planning, Weapons Training, Tactics, Combative Techniques, Defensive Techniques, Active Shooter Training, Active Threat Training 

Threat Understanding

Threat Understanding:

Terrorism, Foreign Intelligence Services, Corporate Espionage, Kidnapping, Crime, Insider Threat, Intellectual Property Protection, Deception Operations, Influence Operations, CBRNE/WMD

Communication & Influence

Communication & Influence:

Journalism, Reporting, Writing, Sourcing, Strategic Communications, Crisis Communication, Information Operations, Influence Operations



Executive Protection, Site & Event Security, Physical Vulnerability Assessment, Counter Threat, Travel Security, Surveillance/Counter Surveillance, OPSEC, PERSEC, Threat/Risk Assessment



 Person of Interest, Missing Persons, Criminal & Misconduct, Fraud, Threat, Corporate, Due Diligence, Loss, Background Investigation, Polygraph, Skip Tracing 

Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence:

Insider Threat, Active Measures, Counterintelligence, Doubling Agents, Misinformation, Deception, Common Motivations & Profiles

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence:

Cyber Security & Threats, Cyber Threat Actors, Dark Web Analysis Technique, Cyber Threat Report Writing, Personal & Enterprise Security Training



Career Success:

Career Success Services, Industry Recognized Training, Industry Recognized Licenses & Certifications, Real World Experience Through Internship, Security Clearances, Professional Skills Development, Job Search Assistance

Report Writing 

& Briefing

Report Writing & Briefing:

BLUF, Intelligence Reports, Product Development, Executive Briefs, Travel Security Report, Press Release, Proposal, OP ORDER, Security Plan, Cyber Intelligence Flash Report

Emergency Management & Response

Emergency Management & Response:

Emergency Operations Center, Incident Management, COOP: Contingency of Operations Planning, Disaster Response, Resiliency, Mass Casualty Response Training

Watch Officer & GSOC

Watch Officer & GSOC:

Global Security Operations Center Training, GSOC Analyst/Watch Officer, Global Monitoring, Intelligence Collection for Risk Analysis


Due to COVID-19 we have decided to move to remote training. New details will be announced January 2, 2021.

During the course of the training, you will experience how the job is being accomplished in the field through weekly training trips, high profile guest speakers, and industry leading certification courses, which are all included in the cost of the program. You will also get the opportunity to enjoy the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, with unparalleled monument, outdoor, and cultural destinations.



While in the 10 Week Training Program you will go through a Two Week Real World Intelligence Simulation. In this simulation you will experience, in real time, the work of an intelligence analyst, briefer and policy maker. This simulation has been developed by experts in the world of intelligence and will provide training and insight on the work of being an intelligence analyst.


During the 10 Week Training Program you will work for a company conducting intelligence, investigations, security and protection, risk analysis, threat assessments, global threat monitoring, and detection. You will develop security solutions for clients and work on real assignments where you can apply the training you are receiving immediately. You will receive mentorship from your supervisor and the leadership to ensure your career growth and success.

When you leave training, you will:

  • Have your Investigator License 

  • Have your Personnel Protection Specialist (PPS) License

  • Have your Firearms Endorsement

  • Be a Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

  • Be GIS Certified

  • Be Watch Officer/GSOC Certified

  • Training that you can utilize immediately

  • And much more....

A non-refundable $70 application fee is required.

10 Week Intensive Intelligence Training Cost:

Inquire about the cost


Washington, DC 

New dates To Be Announced January 2, 2021

There are limited spots so contact ITC now if interested.

Application Deadline: 

Received. One of our Advisors will be in touch with you in 24 hours. 

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