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Concept of the Conflict between the United States of America and the Peoples Republik of C

Intelligence & Diplomatic Training, Crisis Simulation & Wargame

Do you have what it takes work in Intelligence or Diplomacy?

A Three Day Intense Intelligence Simulation that gives you the opportunity to receive Intelligence Analyst & Diplomatic Training and experience what it will be like working as an Intelligence Analyst and Diplomat.  Receive training from Senior Level Intelligence Analysts who have worked in the IC dealing with international crisis situations.


Crisis on the Peninsula: Three-Day Intense Training, Wargame & International Crisis Simulation

>> May 20 - 22, 2022

The simulation is based in 2029 when a new crisis suddenly emerges and the United States, China, North Korea and South Korea  find themselves on the brink of war.  During this three day wargame/crisis simulation, you’ll pursue strategic goals, react to rapid developments, and deal with unexpected outcomes. No part of the simulation is scripted, and you and your team’s actions shape the outcome of the crisis. 


You will be assigned to one of three teams and assume one of four roles in this dynamic, exciting, real world war game and simulation:


D - Diplomatic. Engage your allies, negotiate with your adversaries.


I - Information. Use your covert, cyber, and propaganda tools.


M - Military. Position your forces and engage your opponents.


E - Economic. Use trade and currency to achieve your goals.


Learn how Diplomacy and Intelligence work 

  • Utilize tools of statecraft and compete with your rivals to achieve your strategic goals. 

  • Use the Diplomatic, Informational, Military, and Economic (DIME) Framework to try to analyze, understand, and deal with the evolving international crisis. 

  • Face the strategic, political, economic, and military realities in dealing with an ever evolving and complex situation. 

  • Work with your team will decide on policy actions, pursue information about the crisis, and negotiate with rivals or allies as you plan your strategy.


What will you learn?

  • BLUF style writing. Learn the “bottom line up front” approach to writing, used by intelligence professionals to communicate complex assessments in a clear and direct way.

  • DIME strategic integration. Learn about integrated strategy by utilizing the all four instruments of national power: Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economy.

  • Regional understanding. Learn about the challenges facing nation states when confronting North Korea, and the role that regional actors can play in determining the course of events.


Learn and and gain experience with

  • The Intelligence Cycle

  • DIME Framework (Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economy)

  • Intelligence Collection

  • Diplomatic Negotiations

  • Write Intelligence Products 

  • Conduct Intelligence & Policy Briefs 


Receive Real-World Training

Experience Handling a Real-World Crisis

Learn tradecraft 

Test your skills

Determine if you have what it takes to work in Intelligence or Diplomacy

Build your resume. 


Cost: $350, this includes:

  • Real world training from Senior Level Intelligence Analysts from the Intelligence Community

  • Experience a Real World Crisis from an Intelligence, Diplomacy, and Policy Perspective

  • Learn Intelligence Tradecraft and get skills and experience you can immediately put on your resume

  • Become part of a network that will benefit you long term in your career and professional development


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